Brandon has been piercing since 2005. He works with the highest quality jewelry from reputable companies such as BVLA, Anatometal, Neometal, Leroi, Industrial Strength, and Gorilla Glass. We have a large selection of Titanium, Gold, and Glass jewelry to choose from and can custom order pieces. Brandon operates with the highest standards of sterilization and ethics.

Brandon's piercing career began in 2005, though his interest in piercing and body modification goes back even farther. He sees piercing consisting of two parts. The technical side and the decorative side.

On the technical side, Brandon is very interested in the idea that you can take a sharp needle, puncture the skin, insert a piece of jewelry and with proper care, will heal. The human body is an amazing thing and body modification proves that.

On the decorative side, he enjoy the idea of modifying our bodies to how we sit fit. Something as simple as a little gem in a nose can put a smile on someones face!

We do pierce minors starting at 6 years old for lobe piercings. Please bring in the parents ID as well as a birth certificate for the child. Brandon does a great job at making everyone feel comfortable. He explains the process to them so parents and child are well informed. 

Brandon's normal hours are TH, Friday & Sat 1-9, Sunday 11-6. Please feel free to call or email him to make an appointment. Otherwise we do take walk-ins on a first come first serve basis.

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